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About me

In Patagonia, September 2017.

In Patagonia, September 2017.

As a leader in growth-stage marketing with over 11 years of experience in Minneapolis, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and now Amsterdam, I have worked with over a dozen growth-stage start-ups, resulting in two successful acquisitions. I enjoy working with founding teams I believe in, propelling companies that have an altruistic purpose and growing brand advocates for a quality product.

Originally from Minneapolis, MN, I grew up between 2 farm fields, swimming in one of our 10,000 lakes, and writing screenplays with my 4 siblings. I moved to San Francisco for graduate school to study fashion design while working in tech marketing at Twitter. In 2013, I took my ambitions to Los Angeles and launched a sustainable clothing brand, animal behavior.

In early 2018, I moved to Amsterdam with my partner, and have enjoyed exploring Europe as a resident. I currently run at Product Marketing for WeTransfer. When I am not working, I enjoy sketching, cooking, traveling and exploring the newest exhibitions in Amsterdam.